In this video I show a simple, yet effective, transition from Side Control to Back.

I've been doing this transition for a long time and I always thought of it as a move that most people know.  Recently I have come to the realization that many people don't know what I'm talking about when I reference this move, thus I have filmed it.

The hardest part about this move is getting the arm trapped against the body.  There are a number of ways to get this arm trapped but most often I'll transition into side control from North/South or run all the way around the head to the far side.  When I do that it's easy to catch the arm by sitting into a Reverse Kesa position.  

Once that arm is trapped between the bodies (reference the video) we should start viewing this move as an arm drag.  The hand placement on the inside of the tricep is very important in making sure you dont get caught up in the arm while making the transition.

The second important part about this move is the placement of the knee in relation to the spine.  I go over this in depth during the video so it's important to watch that.  Although it's hard for this move to go bad, it is easy to miss the opportunity for your hooks.  Make sure to rep this out a few times before trying it live.

With those things in mind this can be a great move/transition that will catch people off guard.