A look at the Kimura from Side Control.  This is a very common submission that is used from a lot of different positions but some positions are a little more difficult than others.  

I personally find submitting someone from Side Control to be one of the most difficult variations of the Kimura.  It takes a lot of practice to feel comfortable switching your hips while you have that Kimura grip in side control.

As I stated at the beginning of the video never let your back angle towards the floor.  There is a small window of opportunity for this submission when your opponent moves their hand in for the underhook.  If you miss that opportunity it is better to transition to something else than it is to try and force a submission that is no longer available.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the transition to North South is VERY easy and doesn't require you to move your hands at all.  It is common for me to set up the grip from Side Control, switch my hips, and then step over the head with my knee instead of my foot.  This leads to a very smooth transition into North South where you have the Kimura Grip.