This is my go to escape from Kesa Gatame when my opponent is controlling by the hip and not around the head.  This move is so powerful that it's insane and I didnt learn it until I was a brown belt.

Make sure that when you do this move you make space by moving your hips and NOT by pushing with your arm.  The arm takes up the space you make with your hips and "chalks" that distance so your opponent cant turn back into you.

Once you have mastered the movement by moving your hips it will be easy to feel how the arm and the hips work together and this move will become a staple escape for you too.

Also make sure to grab the near lapel in the thumbs down position.  Your pinky knuckle should be barely touching the neck.  Reference the video to see what I'm talking about.

This is one of those moves that is simple and effective.  You should not need a lot of practice time with this technique to find success.