In this video I show my number 1 Side Control escape.   The more that I use this, the more that I like it.  

The hand positioning, hip movement and pressure with your arms is VERY important and if you miss one of these pieces this move can fall apart.  

There is a very real danger as  you learn this move of being Arm Triangled.  As you get better with this move, that threat almost completely disappears.  Your hand grip on the bicep of the crossfacing arm helps relieve a lot of pressure and allows you a chance to get some body angle.  Make sure to watch the video to see exactly how I trap that arm.

Once you have controlled that bicep and bought yourself a little wiggle room you will reach up and over the back.  The hand will grab the belt and your elbow will be tight against the base of the neck/head and in line with the spine.  The placement of this hand is VERY important.  If you have this spacing incorrect one of two very bad things are going to happen to you.  Either you'll get Arm Triangled, or the person will step over to mount.  The power in this arm to stop the mount is insane, when it's done correctly.

Next we have to look at the pressure with the upper body and your head placement.  Your body will basically be trapping their cross face arm.  You will crunch in with your body and really tuck that elbow under their chest (reference the video to see what I'm talking about).  

As you crunch your body under you will keep pulling pressure towards the base of the skull with your belt grabbing hand.  This will keep their base spread between their knees and upper body.  This is an important concept as you dont want all of their weight on their knees and heels.  

Once you have this control down you will start to shrimp your body away.  Once you move your body away you will put as much body crunch pressure as you can and attempt to drive your head under the body...which you will not be able to, because their crossface arm will be in the way.  The idea is to trap it with your body so they cant post/base on it.

Next you will drive your elbow into the chest/belly area as you go back flat.  Reference the video to see how the feet work in conjunction with the elbow pushing.  This is very important and it's important to see that it's NOT about the bridge, it's all about that pushing with the elbow.

Lastly, as you push with the elbow that pulling pressure with your hand on the belt is maintained (another reason to see the video).  When everything is put together this is nearly impossible to stop once the grips are in place.

This is a "must rep" move.  Please dont allow someone to go to side control while rolling and attempt this move without repping it out.  There is a lot of "feel" to this move.