X Guard: Drop the Ankle and Dump

The X Guard position gives you a lot of options for sweeping.  The position is so powerful that even if you have lost your grips you can still unbalance and sweep your opponent.  This video covers the instances when your opponent has broken your grips OR you never got grips (although depending on your opponents base you may be able to do this with grips as well).

Regardless of the fact if you have grips or not the first order of business is to always check their base.  As discussed in my previous video you can do this by stretching or by lifting. For this particular sweep I prefer to stretch as I feel it flows better into dropping my ankle.

Once I get my opponent stretched out and their base is challenged it's time to slide my ankle to the floor.  Make sure that it slides all the way to the floor and not just the bottom of the calf.  If you put your foot on the bottom of the calf it will be possible for your opponent to push it to the floor and use the inch of space to get back into the game.  If your foot is on the floor they can not make any space at all.

Once that ankle is all the way on the floor it's time to turn your opponent towards their back.  You can build power by turning your top knee to the floor and by slightly tugging your elbow to the floor (on the hand that is cupping the knee).  This takes some getting used to but as you get better at feeling your opponents base it is quite easy.

Once your partner falls you will want to come up.  Please keep in mind you don't get any sweep points unless you come up on top.  I do this by straightening my top X Guard leg and sliding it over my opponents thigh.  This allows me to hop my base over my opponent and sit directly in the reverse sit position.  This is one of my favorite positions.

I must keep it real though and tell you that this transition into reverse sit is a low percentage move.  Although it is easy and the white belts love it I find that most opponents do not let me come up.  Really there are endless options for you once you knock your opponent down.

Later in the video I show you a higher percentage finish for the higher level belts.  It leads directly to side control but is a little goofy on the transition.  You'll have to get a lot of reps of removing that leg, lifting with your other leg and grabbing the belt.  I show this specific transition the first time at 3:42 in the video so you may want to watch that transition a couple of times.