De La Riva Passes: Leg Drag

Using the De la Riva guard from Combat Base can give you a ton of options.  In the last video I showed how to dump your opponent and end in Side Control.  This can be a great option but as you get continue through the ranks you will find that your opponents have better base and they may not just fall on their side.

In this video I show a higher percentage more competition viable version.  Although this version requires a lot more cardio I have had a lot more success with it.  The combined power of your lapel grip and the leg drag leads to an awesome transition that leaves your opponent very few options.

The beginning of this video is exactly the same.  I'm going to make space by pushing on the knee and thread my foot through to the far hip.  Once that foot is on the hip I can either wait for my opponent to clear my foot and make space or I can just drop my leg to make space.  Either way, you need to sit up and thread your arm under the leg and into the lapel.  Because of the way your opponent's body is crunched this lapel grip is typically very easy to get.

Once I've gotten this grip it's time to transition to the first sweep.  I'll swing my feet under his body but my opponent does not just fall over.  Instead they allow my leg to come under their leg and they base.  Here is your opportunity to hit a technical stand-up and grab the ankle.  The way that you have your arm threaded will make it nearly impossible for your partner/opponent to follow you.

Once you are on your feet and you have snatched their ankle you will notice that it is EXTREMELY easy to leg drag them (easier than it appears because of the tension on their lapel).  As their leg comes off the floor it's important that you make sure your body is to the outside of the leg.  

The timing of letting go of the lapel can be the hardest part of this move.  If you dont let go you'll be fighting against your own grip.  So it takes some practice to know when to let go of the lapel while you're in the middle of the leg's almost like chewing gum and walking :D