Submission: Arm Triangle

A different look at a basic submission.  There will be many people who disagree with the way that I do this technique because I dont go to 90 degrees and drive in.  I've done it both ways and I prefer this way.

Keep in mind it's very important to watch your base.  When you go to that knee on belly position you need to be aware of how far over you are, if you go to far you're going to get rolled.  

When driving forward it is important to let your arms collapse to your chest/stomach.  It's a weird sensation and is counter intuitive.  Many times when I show this in class students have a hard time grasping what I'm doing until I come over and do it to them.  You will feel like your base is going forward over their head but what you're doing is separating their head from their shoulders and allowing space for your forearms to come into the side of the neck.  This also dominates their shoulder and pushes the shoulder into the side of their neck.

There are two really great benefits of doing it my way over the traditional way.  

1. You dont burn out your arms at all even when putting the maximum squeeze on your opponent.  It's all bone support and gravity.

2. For some reason it doesnt work and you need to bail you'll end on top every time (unless you didnt watch your base and you get rolled).

A lot of you know me personally, if you're having problems with this I suggest dropping me an email or coming to the school to feel what I'm talking about.