Submission: Baseball Choke

In this video I show a very powerful choke from the Knee On Belly position.

I have seen this technique used many times and I have seen a couple of instructionals detailing how to do it but there are a couple of things that I do differently.

The main thing that I emphasize over other instructors is the pulling up with the setup hand.  The setup hand is the initial thumb put into the collar behind the neck.  I like to put this hand in the collar in the Side Control position because I have found it almost impossible to dominate my opponent long enough to get both hands setup once in the KOB position.

When you transfer your weight into KOB it is important to pull up with the setup hand.  This does two VERY important things.

1. It cuts down on their hip movement- Any time you can contort the spine or take the neck out of alignment it cuts the power to the hips.  Keep in mind this does not STOP the hips from moving, it just slows them down.  Sometimes this slowing of the hips is all the time you need to set the second hand.

2. The second, and arguably more important job of that hand pulling up, is the fact that it opens the collar for that second hand to enter.

 I have seen so many guys jump up into the KOB position and go for this submission only to be foiled by fumbling for the second grip.  Take notice of how far the collar curves out and how it is a perfect hole for my hand to enter.

Once you have your grips set up it is important to drive your elbow into your opponents chest.  This is highly uncomfortable but has the added bonus of making sure your opponent doesnt get a hand between your forearm and their face.  

Once your forearm is dropped and you slide it forward into that "baseball" grip, make sure that there is no space between you elbows (or as little space as you can get). If you are having a hard time picturing what I am talking about I reference, and show, this in the video.

Now it's time to turn and crank up the pressure.  Some of my students have had a problem with finishing this choke and it takes some feeling.  The finishing motion involves pulling your elbows up AND towards your hips.  If you're having problems finishing this choke I suggest asking someone that has done it before to show you, and do it to you.  This is a common enough choke that someone you know will probably know how to do it and it is very difficult to demonstrate on video because my body obstructs the view of my wrists.