Escape: Stuff the Ankle

In this video I show another great way to escape the Knee on Belly position.

If you have ever been stuck under a skilled person that likes to play KOB then you understand the importance of escaping this position.  There are a bunch of really great techniques but this is probably the most commonly taught and easiest to do against a skilled opponent.

One of the very important concepts to remember is that the space is created on the way DOWN from the bridge, not the way up.  If you are having a hard time understanding what I'm saying it is a great idea to watch this video.  If you still have a hard time grasping this concept please feel free to comment on the video, in the forums or send me a message directly.

Upon watching this video you will also find another unique concept/technique.  When my opponent has his knee up in Combat Base or sitting on my thigh I like to shrimp my hips away to get their knee to the floor.  This is super easy and I rarely, if ever, see anyone do this.  Keep in mind you have a lot of space behind you that is not yet controlled by your opponent, make use of that space instead of battling over the space that you are both occupying.