Submission: Darce

In this video I explain how to apply the Darce choke. This is a very common choke with a large variety of setups. During this instructional video I demonstrate how to enter the Darce choke when your opponent has an underhook. Most commonly this will happen when you are in Half Guard top or Side Control.

There are a couple of very important points when trying to finish the Darce choke. The first and most important thing to remember is head control. If you reference the video you will see that I control my opponents head with my free hand. I use it to pull the head in and make it easier to get a deep grip with the choking hand.

Once you have your opponents neck posture broken it is best to control the back of the head with your hand and then lead with your elbow to the back of their head. This will insure that you get a tight grip on your bicep without allowing your opponent to get their posture back.

Once you get your hand to your bicep it is a good idea to walk your free hand up tight on your opponents shoulder. This will cinch up the hold and make it very tight. At this point I do something differently than most of my colleagues. Most commonly you will see people squeeze their elbows together and make everything very tight. While I find this to be helpful in finishing the submission I almost always find it easier to lift towards the ceiling with my choking arm (the arm that is overhooking). This will GREATLY increase the pressure of the hold and it never burns out your arms.

The important thing to remember is that you want to maintain your dominate position at all costs. Even if you reverse sit and keep your legs threaded through your opponents legs to increase the pressure (a very common finish to the Darce) I suggest staying tight enough that you can not be rolled to the bottom. This will take some getting used to and some perception but will lead to a lot more success in grappling, not just the Darce.