Pass: Tripod Pass

In this video I show a very simple and effective Half Guard Pass, The Underhook and Tripod (I've also heard to it referred to as the Knee Cut Pass and a few others).

This is a pass that is picked up easily by beginners because of it's wide base and the simple fact that you do not have to have a lot of balance to do it.  

This, and most of my other Half Guard Techniques, center around having the underhook.  If you can not start with the underhook then you can not do this pass.  Please reference the video because if you try and finish this pass without the underhook you are basically giving your opponent your back for free.

Two simple points that most people miss about this technique.

1. Make use of your head.  Any time we can take the head out of alignment it makes it difficult to move your hips, bridge or resist in general.  Please reference this video to see how I use my head to take my opponents head and force it to the side.

2.  Make sure to elevate your bottom as high as you can.  If you have elevated your bottom as high as you can and your opponent is still squeezing your leg above the knee then it is a good idea to bounce up and down (little bounces where you dont leave your feet).

If you do both of these correctly your opponent will not want to be in this position any more.  Some of you will be skeptical, and I can understand that, mainly because I'm pretty sure most of you have not had the pressure of having your head turned to the side the way that I do it in this video.  Like the rest of my videos, please suspend judgement until you've tried it.