Transition (Top): Arm Bundle

Note: This technique is being shown from our Kid's Professor App. In the future this lesson will have it's notes redone.

Student Objectives:

  1. The student will demonstrate an effective way to break the turtle position by applying the Wrestler Arm Pull.
  2. The Student will continue to develop balance and understand the transfer of weight from the practicing student’s legs to the assisting students back (when in Turtle position).

Teaching Cues:

  • Reach Around and Grab
  • Reach Under and Stack
  • Sprawl
  • Push Pull

Lesson: Wrestler Arm Pull

The assisting student will start in the Turtle position with a good base.  There should be enough space left for a hand to pass under the body and under the head.    

The practicing student will take a position off to the side of the assisting student’s turtle. The student will then reach one hand around the front of the near arm and make a grip on the far tricep of the assisting student.  This will look similar to a Crossface and have some of the same properties, but the goal is to chock the far arm, not to turn the face.  The second hand will reach under the body, entering at the armpit, and grab the far arm tricep (the hands will be stacked on top of each other).  Once the hands have been stacked they should slide down the arm until the pinky fingers make contact with the floor.  This allows for the maximum leverage when pulling with the hands.  

The practicing student will then enter into a sprawl with the balance point being high by the collarbone or the upper pectoral muscles.  Simultaneously the practicing student will pull with both hands while driving forward off of their toes.  This creates a powerful turtle breakdown and the practicing student should end in the Side Control position.  

Possible Extensions:

  • Have the assisting student try to recompose Guard, and the practicing student sit to Kesa Gatame to avoid the legs.
  • Start the transition by having the practicing student Sprawl and Spin before applying the Wrestler Arm Pull.
  • Combine a mounting technique (Sneaky Mount, Knee Pull or Spider into the Ear) upon completion of the Wrestler Arm Pull.

Possible Refinements:

  • Make sure the student is balanced on their upper chest and not the lower abdomen.
  • Remind the students to chock the hip as soon as they enter into Side Control.  The hand that reached under the body should make contact with the hip as soon as possible to block the recomposition of Guard.
  • Make sure the hands are grasping the elbow while also making contact with the floor.  It’s common for children to grab in the middle of the tricep and then not have the power to finish the technique.

Reference materials:

Teaching Reflections:

  • How did I do teaching?
  • What could I do better next time?
  • Did the student gain proficiency in lesson material?