Submission: One Handed Loop Choke

In this video I show a one handed loop choke.  This is one of my absolute favorite finishes and there are a lot of places that I use it.

In the video I show a simple set up from the Turtle position. Very often I show this move in conjunction with the Lapel Snatch (my previous video) as they fit well together.  Next time I film videos I'll make sure to show both of these moves together.

There are also three alternative finishes to this move, those will also be filmed in my next set of videos.  

The most important thing when doing a one handed loop choke is getting your bicep to fit over the back of the head.  More often than not if I can get the bicep on the back of the head I'm going to finish this choke.  

Remember that there is a difference between the bicep on the back of the head and the shoulder.  Reference the video to see how how drop the shoulder disproportionately from the bicep and elbow to keep the head trapped.

Once you have the head trapped firmly then it's time to think about rolling.  In the video I show that you can roll behind the armpit, but the truth is it doesnt matter as much as you think.  Sure getting behind the armpit and leading with your hand to trap the head is better, but not absolutely required.  

If your opponent does not roll that's ok, you will choke them.  Keep in mind that your wrist orientation will be very important.  The wrist should be completely straight (reference the video) because putting rotational force on a bent wrist is a recipe for disaster.

If your opponent chooses to roll with you (go with the force) Then you can re-roll on them.  This is a technique I will show in a future video.  

Like I said previously there are multiple ways for you to up the force on this choke and I will go over them in future videos!  Stay tuned if you want to make this a complete game.