Submission: Clock Choke 3

This is the 3rd of 4 techniques that I will be showing in a Clock Choke series.

Things start to get interesting here as I show a Clock Choke / Bow and Arrow variation.  This can be a really powerful submission that is difficult to defend.

A couple of notes

1. Getting grips on the collar is extremely difficult.  This continues along with the back control series and I show what happens if you can't get them to belly down by driving into them.  If you can get your hands onto the collar, it's easier to just move your body around the grips than it is to try and make the grips deeper.

2. You can use this Clock and Arrow without attempting the 2nd technique if you prefer the use of your core and arching your back.

3. This variation allows you to recruit a lot of large muscles in the application of the technique while also maintaining the security of the position that is provided by the Clock Choke grips (which is surprisingly restrictive)

The transition of the leg over the body does take a little practice but is ultimately easy to get after a few reps.

If you have trouble finishing this variation I will show another piece to this puzzle that does a great job of making them choose between being choked and ....well, watch the 4th video and you'll see.