Sweep: Scissor

In this clip I look into the Scissor Sweep from Closed Guard.  This is a very basic sweep that most of us learned as white belts but typically stop using as we progress past the beginner ranks.

The reason we discard this move is not because it is a terrible move but more so because it requires our opponents base to be forward or driving into the persons Guard.  There are many different variations to this move and I briefly address the angle of the knee and the benefits of having it across the hip as opposed to at an angle or almost straight up and down.  I have personally practiced the mentioned variations and they are all very good.  

If you prefer one variation over another there is nothing wrong with that.  Some peoples body styles fit differently.  Personally I prefer to bring my knee across at the hip line as it makes it much easier to turn my chest towards the floor.  This is one of the pieces that so many people miss but is so important.  Not only does it set up other options (Banana Sweeps and Loop Chokes) but it makes it almost certain that if you fail at the sweep and your opponent begins to pass that you will be able to go to your knees.

This sweep really shines against a wrestler or an aggressive grappler/fighter that puts all of their weight forward.  If you get your shin across the belt line and control the head/arm then it will be almost effortless to take your opponent over.  If your opponent bases back and sits heavy on their heals it will make this particular variation (knee across the hipline) very difficult to do and will probably lead into trying a different sweep.