Sweep: Hip Bump Low

In this video I show one of my bread and butter sweeps, the Low Hip Bump.

Many of us abandon the hip bump as we progress through the ranks.  Often it is easy to see the setup coming and stuff the sweep.  This is partially due to the fact that the setup is very easy to notice.  That is when why the Low Hip Bump is so successful, there is literally no setup involved.

This sweep is crazy effective and I find that it is used most often when my opponent has had his posture broken and he/she tries to re-posture.  While they are making the transition from no posture to full posture I hit them with this move.

There are only two details that you have to watch for.

1. Make sure that you control the hand on your hip with an UNDER grip.  You can NOT go over the stiff arm on your chest.

2. How high you come up is dependent on how much power you need/want to complete the sweep.  This is another one of those perceptions that will be built over time as you use this sweep.  Do not make the mistake of coming up into your opponent like a traditional Hip Bump.  Instead turn your chest away. The power that this will build will be something akin to cracking a whip.  You will feel like you have no power at all (and your opponent will feel virtually no danger) until the very end.  The very end of this sweep is when the power kicks in and it just topples them.

Do not get over concerned with how much power you need.  Use as little as possible as they will not have a hand to base with (that is the hand you are controlling).