Submissions: Triangle

This is a look at the very basic submission the Triangle.

There are bunch of different setups for this submission but I am just showing a very basic entry.  My hope at this point in the curriculum is to address where the pressure comes from, how to enter this position and how to finish.

Take note that although many people pull on the back of the head to finish the Triangle that should be the last ditch effort to get your opponent to tap.  I emphasis squeezing your knees together to add pressure.  If this is not tight enough to get your partner to tap out then it is ok to hug around your legs to help with that squeezing pressure.

As I stated earlier the setups for this submission are almost endless and there are a lot of little details that can mean the difference between success and failure but this is just a very quick look at a basic submission.

If you are looking for a more in depth discussion on the Triangle and Triangle setups I suggest checking out Ryan Halls DVD set.