Passes: 2:1

This video is an instruction into how to do the Two on One standing pass.  This is one of my favorite passes because it is very dominate and eliminates a lot of your opponents sweep options.

There are a lot of steps to this pass but when done correctly is highly effective.  Notice that I use the hand that was controlling the hip to dominate the arm.  There will be a moment where you have minimal control of the hips because of this.  Make sure you pay attention and watch out for the armbar.

Once you've dominated that arm it goes over top of your other hand that is breaking down the base of your opponent.  This leaves you worry free about stepping up with that foot because your opponent will not be able to hook it for sweeps.

Once you get to the standing position you can see in the video that I keep a half squatted posture.  This allows me to switch my hand from the chest to the hand on the sleeve as well.  The whole time I am squeezing my knees together like my base depends on it (because it does).  This is a part of the move that I didnt really start doing until I was an advanced belt and it eliminated a lot of the problems that I had while doing this move.

From here it is important to banana your body.  Make sure that your shoulders are extended and your body is curved like a banana.  Your shoulders need to beyond your heels.  This gives you a lot of great stretching power.  Sometimes your opponents shoulders will come off that mat, that is fine (if they do or they dont) and on occasion the legs will open during this step.

If the legs do not open you should lean to the side to put the palm on the inside of that knee.  It is important to lean and not push.  If you push on that leg people will squeeze their legs together and you will be fighting your arm against their legs not to mention that you're using muscles when you could just use bone support.

Once your hand is on the inside of the knee we do the move called "The Thriller"  I named it that because it looks a lot like the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.  One foot stays planted and then you take little bump steps backwards with the other foot.  Reference the video as the written description of this move does not do it justice.

Once the legs open up it is important to dominate that leg.  There are about a million different finishes to this pass once the legs have broken open.  I show one here but please dont think that is the ONLY finish.  If you have seen another option or think something may work better try it.