Sweeps: Overhook Sweep

In this video we take a look at a very common Butterfly sweep, the Overhook Sweep.

I see this done a lot and there are many different variations, setups and finishes associated with the Overhook sweep.  In this video I cover one very important concept that I see overlooked often.  This concept is important for space management, developing power in the sweep AND it counters the most common defense against the Bulldozer Sweep that I showed earlier.

First and foremost it is important to have good head positioning.  Although this is not absolutely needed for this sweep it is a strong fundamental that you should focus on at all times. Once you have strong head control you will overhook on the side where your opponent controls your legs.

Once you have the overhook it is time to straighten the leg.  This is by far the most overlooked part of this sweep.  more often than not people will fall to the side and just launch their opponent with their hook and come up on top.  The problem is that your opponent still has the arm posted on your leg to give them a little base.  By straightening it out it 1. gets the leg out of your way and makes rolling over onto the shoulder better and 2. Removes every ounce of base your opponent has and angles their back towards the floor.

Once you start to to come up on top it is important to roll on your shoulder and the balls of your feet.  You must avoid the urge to go to your knee and come straight on top, instead I would like you to turn your hips over and bounce as I show in the video.  This will result in your opponent falling to the bottom position and giving you free range to end wherever you want to instead of just launching them and letting the pieces fall where ever they may.