Sweeps: Elevate to X guard

In this video I show an entry into X- Guard showed to me by one of my training partners (Matt Moss).  It's a fantastic entry and works at all levels.

It is particularly effective because you don't have to grip fight that hard for the sleeves or the collar and people rarely defend the belt with the same emphasis as other competitive grips.

A few things to remember,

1. Make sure you pull your heels to your butt rather than trying to pull them on top of you.

2. You do not have to let their feet hit the floor.  Once you get a pathway for this setup you can, and should, do this during the elevation.

3. Don't let go of the belt if possible.  many of the defenses to X guard involve stepping over the guard while trying to stuff one of the ankles or knees.  This particular entry eliminates a lot of that.

4. You should have active pressure down into your legs as you pull down.  Use that belt grip!

There are 4 more videos set to follow this, with different finishes and sweeps.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.