Sweeps: Arm Drag to Back

***The biggest thing to take away from this video is how to make space to get back up to a seated position.  This was a miracle move when Gordo showed it to me and I was slightly irritated that I had never seen it.  Although it looks simple it's highly effective.  If you don't care for the armdrag option, this video is worth watching purely for the Butterfly Guard posture recomposition

In this video I show another way to get the armdrag/2on1 from the Butterfly position.  This can lead directly to the back and is a great way to initiate sweeps depending on how the respond.

One of the important concepts that I go over in this video is using the space behind you to get the arm across the body.  This is an important concept (using space you control rather than contested space) that will recur throughout my videos.

This will take some repping unlike some of my other videos, for you to understand how powerful the grip is, how powerful the pushing away motion is and get the timing right with all the moving parts.