Submission: Violin Armbar

****   (I'm sorry for the rant/tangent that I go off on 1:35-3:40...I try not to do that in my videos)  ******.

In this video I show the Reverse Armbar from Butterfly.

This can be a great submission and, when done correctly, can catch experienced opponents off guard.  This takes good hip movement and a lot of practice.

Just like the setup from Closed Guard, I am looking for the over/under grip.  Typically in Butterfly I want double under grips.  When I cant get that because my opponent is fishing for an underhook I tend to go for this move.  In addition of threatening a submission it angles my hips in the right direction so that even if I screw it up it puts me on the underhook side WITH body angle.

In addition to the to good lifting motion and hip movement it does take some repetition to understand the spacing.  This will vary from person to person and can only be understood through practice.