Submission: Clock Choke

In this video I show a very simple way to finish from the back.  This is the Basic Lapel Choke  from the back or the Clock Choke from the back.

When performing this technique it is important to remember the concepts that we have learned from the previous videos.  Keep that pocket in the back and after setting up your grips keep your fulcrum stationary and move the elbow behind the shoulder.

When initially setting up this submission I find it helps to start from double under grips.  This gives you an opportunity to flair out the collar on both sides and then look to see if your opponent has a weak side.  Whichever side you choose to attack make sure you have your head in place BEFORE you let go of the double under grip.  Having double unders will give you a lot of security and domination in the position and your opponent will have a tough time escaping.  As you move up in the ranks the mere act of letting go of one lapel will often times initiate an escape attempt.  If your head is not in place they will most likely escape.

It is also important to talk about that second hand on the collar.  You do not have to pull down on that hand very hard but it is important.  If for some reason you can not get that second hand to the collar do not attempt to rotate your elbow behind the shoulder, you will have to use a different attack (luckily I will be uploading the Bow and Arrow Choke soon).