Submission: Bow and Arrow

In this video I show a very powerful choke the Bow and Arrow choke.  This is one of those submissions that has many entries, is highly effective and used in high level competition.

A couple of important things to keep in mind

1. like all of the other videos that I have uploaded from the back it is a good idea to start with that pocket between the front of your hips and your opponents lower back.  This allows you to have free movement with your legs and will make it much easier to set up submissions (like the Bow and Arrow) as well as make it very difficult for your opponent to defend.

2. Make sure that when you start to stretch out that arm and apply pressure on the neck that you keep that elbow pinned to your opponents shoulder.  If you allow your elbow to drift away from the shoulder you will lose this position.

3. When you have extend your arm make sure to lean towards your opponents legs.  it is a good idea to lay right on your rib cage.  At this point if your opponent has not tapped it is acceptable to push away with your legs and arch your back but you NEED to keep your elbow pinned to your opponents shoulder (I wouldnt say it over and over in the description if it was not important).