Escapes: Reverse Shrimp

In this video I show a simple yet effective way to escape the back control.

This escape works well when used in conjunction with your other back escapes.  When used alone it can become very easy to counter and can lead to mild success.

Keep in mind that this escape is best preformed when your opponent has a double over grip.  When your opponent has a Seatbelt Grip or a Double Under Grip it can be very difficult to get your hips to shrimp away.

Notice I Reverse Shrimp until I fall into the pocket.  This will make you less susceptible to chokes but more susceptible to armbars.  It is important to start getting angle and bringing your elbow to the floor as soon as possible.  Once that elbow is to the floor it is important to hug the leg and start getting a little bit of control of your opponents hips.  

Reference the video to see how I make space for my hands and arms.  There are small windows for your hands to get through that if you do not know exactly where they are it can lead to trouble.

The real trick to escaping here is going to be the way that you turn your hips to clear the hook.  Make sure to NEVER reach your hand down to clear the hook, if you do this it will lead to your arm getting trapped.  You need to keep your elbows pinned to your sides throughout most of this escape or there will be problems.

After I have cleared my leg and it is time to start transitioning keep your hips low on your opponents leg so that you can add some body weight to your control of their hips.  If you start to lift your hips it will give your opponent an opportunity to recompose.