Escapes: Arm Over

In this video I show a very important Back escape.  I have seen this done many times but rarely do I see it taught with a few of the steps that I have covered in this video.

Mainly the pulling down on the arm after you get wrist control.  It totally changes up the space and makes it much easier to get the arm over the head as it takes the slack out of your opponents elbow.

I also show, and emphasize, laying on your opponents leg.  Although I hook the leg with my arm and make a point of talking about it as a controlling position, the amount of time you have here is limited.  You are not in a good position and staying there on your back will lead to your opponent coming up into mount.

Lastly, look at how I make space.  Walking the legs to make space can be a great addition to your game.  This is not the exclusive way to make space, and it will depend on where you want to go from this transition as to which escape I choose, but this can be a great addition to your game and it has some great controlling concepts.